Acknowledging the hard makes it easier

There’s a situation in your life that’s taking it’s toll. Draining you. Costing you physical and emotional labour.

And you think you should be coping better.

That it shouldn’t be this hard.

That you shouldn’t find it this painful.

But it is, and you do.

It’s deeply painful. So painful in fact, that you’d rather not think about it. Because every time you think about it, your heart hurts so much you can’t breathe.

So instead, you just carry on. Ignoring that feeling of slowly being compressed. Stuffing down the sensation of rising panic. Using all your strength to be a good, spiritual person. Focusing on the positive; not complaining; remembering to meditate and show gratitude and journal and not feel like a failure because none of it is working.

What are you supposed to do?!

There’s no room left for anything else. You can’t take on one more thing, you’re already overwhelmed.

Suppose there was a way to cope better that didn’t add to your pile.

What would it be like if this difficult situation was a little easier? What would it be like if this burden became lighter? What would it be like if your heart wasn’t breaking every time you thought about it?

There is a way.

Acknowledge how hard this is.

You’ve been resisting this because you think it will destroy you. But just pretend for a moment, that it won’t.

Just pretend that you can face it. Just pretend that you can admit how hard this is. Just pretend this burden exists.

And all of a sudden you realize you can acknowledge how much your heart is breaking, silently carrying this burden alone.

And as you acknowledge the pain of the situation, the pain subsides.

As you acknowledge how difficult this is, there’s a sense of relief.

As you acknowledge how hard this is, it becomes easier.

And now there’s space in your life for assistance because you acknowledged that you can’t do it alone.

There’s space in your heart for more ease and joy because you stopped beating yourself up for not coping as well as you thought you should.

There’s space in your mind because you’re no longer in conflict with what is.

The more you acknowledge how hard this is, it becomes easier.

As the sage Byron Katie says “I’m a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality”.

Where do you need to acknowledge the hard today? It will become easier, I promise.



  • “Remembering to mediate, show gratitude and journal and not feel like a failure because none of it is working”. It’s as if you can see into my soul, sometimes Tahlee.
    This was exactly what I needed to hear this week. Thank you so much.

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