Want to make soulful, professional sounding meditation tracks, but not sure where to start?

make your own meditations

Make Your Own Meditations is a library of music and video tutorials to help you make your own guided meditations easily and confidently.

Because once you’ve got all the resources at your fingertips, you can make your own meditations whenever you feel called. Do it in your own time, when you feel inspired, as much as you want.

No more trawling through cheesy royalty-free music that doesn’t resonate. No more asking your partner for help with the computer. And no more worrying about how you’re going to figure it all out.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a tonne of ideas for meditation tracks but you’ve been putting them off because you don’t really know what you’re doing
  • You want to learn enough to make your meditations sound professional and then get back to your zone of genius (i.e. helping your clients)
  • You’ve listened to hours of royalty-free music before and you couldn’t find anything you loved
  • The idea of a drip fed e-course full of stuff you don’t need like coaching calls and another Facebook group gives you the heebie jeebies. Cut to the chase!

It’s so easy to create a professional sounding guided meditation once you have the right ingredients and a little basic know-how. That’s what Make Your Own Meditations gives you. It’s a catalogue of music and library of DIY tutorials so you can make your own tracks easily and confidently.

Make Your Own Meditations isn’t an e-course. It’s not a one-off transaction of music that you’re not into. It’s not another Facebook group. It’s your own personal toolkit for making your own guided meditations tailored specifically for your clients.

And you have access to it for LIFE!

Imagine how powerful your meditations will be when you’ve blended your inspired vocals with emotive music you love! Imagine how many amazing tracks you can create when you have all the ingredients at your fingertips!

tahlee-rouillon make your own meditations

Hi! I’m Tahlee Rouillon. For the last 3 years, I’ve been helping soulful entrepreneurs to bring their meditation tracks to life.

Working closely with these incredible visionaries has shown me how much our community longs to create something professional and valuable for their clients. But the technical side is daunting. And the other music options? Boring.

Working one on one is a beautiful collaboration, but it’s time intensive and (let’s be honest) pretty expensive. That’s why I created the Make Your Own Meditations library. To help you create all the meditation tracks you have ideas for, without having to hire an expert every time.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a professional sounding track with very basic technical know-how. Plus you’ll get access to the 5-star rated music my fans *rave* about!

microphone make your own meditations

Already inside:

    • 9 x ten-minute and 2 x twenty-minute full length tracks that will elevate your meditations to the next level; and
    • 3 x loopable music blocks that you can repeat to make tracks as long as you like
  • EBOOKS full of tips to give you the confidence of a professional:
    • Sound Advice – gear recommendations
    • Release – publishing your meditation
    • Setting up & recording with your mic
    • Blending music and your vocals
    • Saving your track as an mp3
    • Looping music to make a track as long as you like
    • How to create an album of tracks
    • Making your perfect album cover

    More content is added a few times each year and you’ll be notified every time something new is made. Which means you’ll regularly be inspired to keep creating.

    Plus, as a member you get to make music requests! Collaborating with me is usually thousands of dollars, but this way, you get the music you want for an absolute bargain.


    • Confidently create all the meditation tracks you have ideas for
    • Start generating passive income from your own meditation tracks
    • Add value to your existing wellness services
    • Stop feeling overwhelmed, lost and technically challenged and start feeling inspired and professional
    • Generate momentum in your business by creating offerings you can promote over & over again
    • Get the music you really want by making music requests
    • Step into your soul work and create beautiful offerings that really serve your clients
    • Save money by making your own meditations without having to hire an expert every time

    Our members feel confident & professional!

    Dana Profile MYOM

    I create many spontaneous guided meditations for my clients, and in the past, these have always been impromptu, vocal-only tracks. Now with the MYOM library, I can easily layer gorgeous music behind my vocals and create a one-of-a-kind tool for my clients to use again and again! I feel more professional sending my clients the meditations created with the MYOM library, and I have received nothing but amazing feedback from everyone who’s heard them. ~ Dana Machacek, Zona Pellucida


    Sandra Smith Profile MYOM

    I have recently released my first guided meditation to the world with Tahlee’s blissful music and her creative advice. I am NOT a techy person at all and I just created my second meditation from MYOM. I was honestly surprised how quickly I was able to figure it out. Tahlee offers a divine selection of soothing music and key techy information for you to easily create your own meditations. ~ Sandra Smith, Sandra Smith Yoga


    Nicole Mathieson Profile MYOM

    Before MYOM I was using the same track in the background for every meditation. MYOM has helped me feel really confident making meditation tracks for my tribe that don’t all sound the same. I have an array of beautifully crafted, original music and all I have to do is record some vocals. It just feels effortless.. ~ Nicole Mathieson


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    approx $395USD
    One off payment
    Lifetime access


    • Can I sell the tracks I make?

    Absolutely! Once you’ve paid for your membership, a license to use the music will be assigned to you. You are free to combine any music tracks from the Make Your Own Meditations library with your own vocal recordings to make and sell your own unique guided meditations and visualisations. This means you’ll own the tracks you create and can sell an unlimited number of copies at any price you like, anywhere in the world, forever and ever.

    • I love the music. Can I just sell the tracks on their own?

    No, you are not able to resell or redistribute the music by itself as stand alone tracks. You must combine the music tracks with vocal recordings that you have permission to use, such as guided meditations or visualisations.

    • Do the tracks contain meditones?

    No. The music is designed to be soothing background music for guided meditation.

    • How often will you add new music?

    New music is added 2-3 times per year, along with new video tutorials or bonus tips. This means your membership becomes more and more valuable over time, and you stay inspired for life.

    • What happens after I pay?

    You’ll receive an email with all the information on how to access the Make Your Own Meditations library.

    • What if I purchase and then change my mind?

    Please consider your needs carefully. Due to the nature of the library access, there are no refunds. If you are on a payment plan and cancel your payment plan prior to paying in full, your license is void, and you will be unable to use any music from Make Your Own Meditations or distribute any tracks you have created.

    inspirational office make your own meditations

    Our members create whenever they want!

    Heidi Rose Profile MYOM

    I’m SO happy I decided to join MYOM! I’m a huge fan of Tahlee’s music, so being able to access a range of her tracks and how-to resources to craft my own meditations for my business has just been amazing! With Tahlee’s knowledge and guidance, the process was a breeze. I love that I’m now able to offer high-quality, beautiful sounding meditations for my clients. So grateful for this incredible resource! x ~ Heidi Rose, Wild & Free


    Gina George Profile MYOM

    MYOM is both inspiring and terrific value for money. I have so many meditation ideas and wanted to make them all. The fact that I can make guided meditations in my own time is wonderful! In fact, it is worth subscribing simply to have such beautiful and inspiring music on my personal playlist. Thank you Tahlee. x ~ Gina George, Kindred Spirit Collective


    Simone Russell Profile MYOM

    MYOM is genius! It has allowed me the flexibility to create meditations when and as often as I want from the comfort of my home. The videos and ebook are super practical. MYOM is the perfect package for coaches, meditation or yoga teachers wanting to make their own creations with Tahlee’s divine music. It has been the best resource for my business. I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone looking to make their own meditations. ~ Simone Russell, Yogamona



    Start creating right away!



    approx $395USD
    One off payment
    Lifetime access

    Our members feel excited and inspired!

    Heather Waxman MYOM Profile

    What Tahlee has created is, in short, a masterpiece. The vibrations of these tracks run deep. There is deep wisdom, deep healing, and deep creativity oozing out of each one. I am so excited to have them be the backing tracks to my second full-length studio album. These tracks have enhanced my songs + meditations beyond what I dreamed of. Tahlee is my go-to guru for meditation music that is hip, deep, and masterful. ~ Heather Waxman


    Aimee Wilson Profile MYOM

    I’m not tech savvy and as someone who is just starting out, I definitely didn’t have a big budget to create the meditations I wanted. The tracks here are just so beautiful, I can feel the words for my meditations coming so naturally. The videos and resources make the process easy to do alone. It is truly inspired. ~ Aimee Wilson, Hello Yes Coaching


    MYOM has inspired me to create regular content for my tribe. It’s given me the freedom to record meditations at my own pace for a totally reasonable investment. I would recommend MYOM to any entrepreneur looking to deliver value in an authentic way. ~ Danielle March


    If you’ve been dreaming about making your own meditations, now is the time to start your Make Your Own Meditations membership. Enough of feeling daunted, unprofessional and stuck. With Make Your Own Meditations, you’ll be making professional-sounding meditations easily and confidently!

    You can weave your meditation tracks into your coaching practice, online courses, even sell them online! (And you’ll start making your money back in no time!)

    Your meditations. Your terms. On your time.

    What will your first professional guided meditation be?


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    approx $395USD
    One off payment
    Lifetime access