Comfortable in Your Skin

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You’re sick of overthinking, overworking, overtraining. You want to feel comfortable and free – inside your own skin, dammit – without having to endure another diet or day at the gym.

This 10 minute guided meditation (including meditones) will connect you to the ancient spiral energy deep within your body – soothing and transforming you as it moves.

At long last, you can feel comfortable in your skin – effortlessly.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel comfortable in your skin without having to lose weight?

No matter what your size is right now – you CAN achieve a lightness of being that goes beyond any pound of flesh.

Because you don’t need to lose weight. You need to lose your thinking about your weight.

And this track helps you do just that, through the transformative power of meditones. Just grab your headphones and settle back into your skin. Safe and sound.


Meditones directly stimulate relaxed neural activity. As you listen to them, your brain is rewiring itself for positive change. Effortlessly.

They are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation.

Comfortable In Your Own Skin stimulates Theta brainwaves which enhance soothing rest and subconscious healing.

{Please note, meditones stimulate neural activity so aren’t suitable for people suffering from epilepsy or seizures.}


  • You receive one zip folder containing the track. Once you unzip the folder, the track is an mp3 file which can be played on iTunes or other music apps.
  • Please use a desktop computer to download your files. The mp3 can then be transferred to a mobile device afterwards.

3 reviews for Comfortable in Your Skin

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brigitta (verified owner)

    I’ve had an on again off again relationship with meditation…unable to commit to it in a meaningful way…until now. I signed up and got my free meditones track and became instantly hooked…almost addicted…I had to listen to it every day or my day wasn’t complete. The shifts I’ve seen are amazing – more calm and more focus and more self love. I decided to start the “comfortable in your skin” track and so far, I’m showing up daily again…not wanting to miss out on that sense of centering, grounding, and inner truth. I’ve also been participating in Tahlee’s chakra cleanse which is super fun and easy to do as well. These medetones have been a sersious breakthrough for me…and continue to be as I listen to my tracks daily. I’m also a life coach and when asked who I reccommend for meditation tracks, meditones is the only one I recommend…because I’ve never been so much more “on track” in my own life.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steph (verified owner)

    I now have all of the albums from Sonesence. Each of these albums is pure magic. I try to meditate daily and these albums are my go-to fabourites. Each day I ask myself ‘what is it you need right now?’ Whether it be grounding, energy, antidote to overwhelm, a feeling of coming home or in this case needing to feel comfortable in your skin. Tahlee has an album for each of these needs. I have been listening to Comfortable in your skin for a week now and already it is transformative. Instantly feeling contained by a loving energy for myself that lasts between listens. Thankyou again Tahlee for everything that you do! Everyone should have meditones in their daily life! Xxxx

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jessica Horsburgh

    I have a history of abuse as a child and found that my soul was searching for some peace and happiness. I came across Sonesence and fell in love with this track. I feel grounded and more in my skin after listening. I have had such trouble meditating before finding Sonesence but now have the perfect accompaniment that helps me stay present. Thank you so much. Forever grateful

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