Nordic Collection


Imagine journeying to a Nordic paradise, all from the comfort of your own home…

Whether you're craving the still serenity of winter snow, or the pure radiance of an eternal summer; this collection will whisk you away effortlessly.

Two albums, both written on location in rural Finland and inspired by the pristine, breathtaking scenery. You get over an hour of meditones music to bring you pure peace.



Imagine a gentle Nordic summer filled with bright blue skies, cotton candy clouds, sunlight sparkling across the lake, and waves of wind through wildflowers. This energy has been channelled into Luminous.



“When I arrive in heaven I believe the angels will be playing this on repeat.” ~ Liz
“Luminous had my skin tingling, eyes welling & heart cracking open within the first minute.” ~
“Tahlee has absolutely outdone herself on Luminous. These meditones are an investment worth making!!!” ~


1. Beaming

When you beam with joy, you give and receive. You connect with joy to those around you and they in turn radiate your joy straight back. This track stimulates Alpha brainwaves for calm focus.

2. Radiant

Holy and heartfelt; Radiant is a hymn to your eternal light. Layers of lush harmonies expand your inner glow and melt your heart. (Ps – Every sound you hear is my voice). This track stimulates Theta brainwaves for floating bliss.

3. Light

Carefree and unburdened from all your worries, you drift off to sleep, light as a feather. This track stimulates Delta brainwaves for deep rest.

4. Bonus 30 min Seamless Track

This track combines all three tracks into one seamless journey, so you can drift through Luminous continuously.

True North

Silence. Awareness. Existence. This was the theme of the artist’s retreat where True North was written. Any time you’re feeling trapped, strung out and anxious – place your headphones on and point your internal compass to True North.



I am absolutely loving this album, I cannot stop listening to it!” ~ Dani
I’m really struggling to put into words just how magical and miraculous this album is.” ~ Katie

Heart-opening, soul nourishing and breathtakingly beautiful!” ~ Tash


1. Lumi

Reawaken your sense of travel and uplifting wonder, the perfect antidote to stuckness.

Journey through three tracks in one; from majestic piano, through buoyant arpeggios and into dreamy synths. This track stimulates Alpha brainwaves for calm focus.

2. And They Fed Me Stars

Divine. Blissfully soothing. Celestial. Sink down into a deep knowing, provided by your wisest self.

This track contains resonant, sparkling frequencies paired with reverberant vocals, and stimulates Theta brainwaves for floating bliss.

3. Reverent Undulations

Slow and steady like a winter sunrise, illuminate the path home to your inner sanctuary.

Hymnal vibrations and spacious strings evolve in heart expanding reverence. This track stimulates Delta brainwaves for when you’re craving deep rest.

4. Bonus 30 min Seamless Track

This track combines all three tracks into one seamless journey, so you can drift through True North continuously.


Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. As you listen to them, your brain is rewiring itself for positive change. Effortlessly.

Both albums take you on a journey from calm focus, through floating bliss and into to deep rest.

{Please note, meditones stimulate neural activity so aren’t suitable for people suffering from epilepsy or seizures.}


  • You receive two zip folders containing all the tracks. Once you unzip the folders, all the tracks are mp3 files which can be played on iTunes or other music apps.
  • Please use a desktop computer to download your files. The mp3 files can then be transferred to a mobile device afterwards.



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