A program for sensitive souls who are struggling with change (and want to feel a whole lot better)

Change. They say it’s the only constant but all you know is it feels like hell. Your heart is breaking, you’re lost and confused, and you wish you could handle it better than this.

But what if you didn’t just handle it better, you
were better?

Better equipped. More buoyant. Resilient and restored.

Because handling it is just a half-life. But when you can navigate change with grace? That’s a life worth living.

Whether you’re moving house, moving jobs or trying to move on – one thing is certain. You’ve been asked to walk though the fire again. But this time – you’ll be a phoenix instead of a handful of ashes. Because there IS a way to make things easier. Life can feel perfect again.

lavender fern

If you’ve been crying yourself to sleep at night; binge watching Netflix instead of going to yoga; and eating take out for the third night in a row… then read on.

winter-squareEspecially if all this is happening because change happened to you. You lost a job, a pet, a lover.

Or perhaps it was your choice to end the relationship, to start a new business, or move cross country – but now you’re doubting every decision you ever made, because the change was meant to be liberating. And it’s not. Yet.

Saturn Returns, dark nights of the soul, spiritual awakenings and soul callings that demand everything of you…

They don’t have to be this hard.

You’re not broken, you haven’t made a mistake and you’re definitely not alone.


Hi! I’m Tahlee Rouillon and I’ve been in transition for a long time. The last few years have been categorised by upheaval and change. Some exhilarating. Some devastating.

There have been searing spells of pure heartbreak and empty hollow days following my divorce – the end to a 12 year relationship that I thought was for life. Those early days of feeling adrift and anchor-less were the catalyst for the healing system I now use to navigate change more easily. Only weeks after implementing it, I felt more connected and supported than I had in years.

There have been miraculous moments of seeing my dream come to life as I farewelled my old business, The Attitude Revolution, and birthed my soul business – Sonesence. Connecting to Spirit and trusting in my intuition again allowed this soulful transformation that has brought me more joy and abundance than I ever thought possible.

Stepping onto a plane in 2015 and thinking “Oh my god, this is actually happening!” as I travelled solo to Scandinavia for the first time in my life to write a sublime meditones album – True North. Not only did I bust through all the fears that travelling alone brought up, I did it all again 18 months later.

All these transitions have completely changed the way I respond to change. For the better.

I now have a process that helps me stay light, connected and free – even when things are uncertain and unchartered. Honestly? These days are punctuated by more radiance, bliss and expansion that sometimes, I feel shocked to admit.

My most recent transition was a move interstate to Melbourne, Victoria.

I left all my family and many many friends behind. It was a bold move, and I underestimated the difficulty of the transition until after I made the move. There were pangs of homesickness, self doubt and sleepless nights. I turned again to my soothing system to manage this change gracefully. To the point that even friends who had gone through similar transitions mentioned their surprise at how quickly I had adapted and how well I was doing, compared to their own journeys.

And it struck me. We’re never really taught how to manage change well. As I looked around, I saw so many of my soul brothers and sisters suffering through similar challenges. Dark nights of the soul, career changes, divorce, illness, uplevelling and spiritual growth.

No matter what the transition – it seemed like all these beautiful sensitive
hearts were plummeting through change with no soft place to land.

Suddenly I realised that sharing my own personal process could be vital. I didn’t want anyone else to struggle through their transitions. I wanted to offer a shortcut out of suffering.


But what to call it?

One winter’s evening, I was strolling down my street to pick up a pizza from the adorable little Italian place on the corner. It was still a little light out, hazy pink clouds were fading in the sky, and the birds were still chirping away. All of a sudden it hit me that it was nearly Spring. I could feeeeel it coming. And it felt like sweet relief. As I was walking back home I could see the indigo night beginning to sweep across the sky and I felt that sweet ache of love for dusk. It’s such a gentle time of the day. And the words “The Gentle Transition” illuminated my mind.

Not just the gentle transition from winter to spring, not just the gentle transition from day to night – but the idea that the very process of transition can be gentle.

It was such an epiphany. I’ve discovered this process of transitioning with grace – and this is what I want for you too.



An instant-access online program for sensitive souls who want to stop feeling overwhelmed and adrift in a sea of change and start living with a sense a calm, clarity and ease.

The Gentle Transition is for you if:

  • You’re grieving a relationship break up or deep loss and are craving comfort and assurance
  • You’ve leapt into your new business but are tired of worrying about your uncertain future and want to feel excited again
  • You’ve moved cross country and want to stop feeling isolated, homesick and full of doubt
  • You’re spiritually awakening or uplevelling and want to be able to feel all the feelings without numbing your sensitive heart
  • You suspect an empathic, healing guide will support you through your transitions and be super helpful (You’re right!)

Here is what people are already saying…

After moving out of full time work and into my own business, I have struggled to stay grounded.

Making use of this intentional program to guide me has helped a lot. The worksheets are less ‘work’ and more gathering of deep inner knowledge and rituals for calling in grace.

I could listen to the Spotify playlists on repeat all day long, they are so beautiful and thoughtfully curated. Highly recommended for the unsettled feminine!

~ Ceri Kidby-Salom, Healthy Party Girl

I am teary and emotional because it’s literally what I didn’t know I needed. So incredibly peaceful. I feel like self-compassion is seeping out of the site and the tracks. thank you thank you thank you !

~ Emma Shields

The Gentle Transition is a simple, yet profound approach to managing any change that occurs in your life – from exciting nerve-wracking transitions to the deeply sad losses.


Instead of crying yourself to sleep, imagine slipping into blissful slumber.

Instead of feeling like a zombie, imagine waking up looking and feeling refreshed.

Instead of being wracked with self doubt, imagine being able to make decisions with ease and clarity.

Instead of under eye shadows, imagine someone commenting on your radiance.

Instead of worrying about the future, imagine sighing with relief knowing you have a better way to cope with every transition in life.

With The Gentle Transition, you’ll discover your own, personalised strategy to how you can thrive, no matter your circumstances. Based on my personal approach that I’ve developed over many years of transition, this course will teach you how to uncover your own flourishing pathway.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

Module One - Soothe

Module One is all about going within and soothing the nervous system so that your tender heart is no longer suffering. Just like a winter hibernation, this time is an opportunity to go within and cultivate pure comfort.

You’ll learn:

  • The most important thing you should do after a transition trigger (hint: it’s probably not what you think)
  • How to cope when the tidal wave of feelings threatens to drown your nervous system
  • How to soothe your sensitive heart with just a pair of headphones

Module Two - Emerge

Module Two is about taking baby steps toward steadfastness and trust so you can move from confusion to clarity. You’ll begin to blossom like the wildflowers in Spring.

You’ll discover:

  • How to create your own personalised support routine
  • A way to access instant guidance in moments of doubt
  • What to do when your to do list is a mile long or when your future stretches into the unknown

Module Three - Flourish

This is your time to shine like a blazing Summer's day! Module Three is about creating the conditions you need in order to flourish so that you can feel expansive, bright and confident again.

You’ll master:

  • A framework to help you feel good every day
  • Sustainable actions that won’t sabotage your pleasure
  • Internal radiance and self empowerment

Module Four - Surrender

Resistance to change is what causes it to be hard but learning to surrender softens everything. Just as Autumn heralds the perfect circle of nature, our final module is your opportunity to settle into your own cycle of growth, knowing you can navigate any future transition with grace and ease.

You’ll be able to:

  • Accept the past without regret or shame
  • Honour the future with trust and hope
  • Live contentedly wherever you are now

All up you’ll receive:

6 x 10min meditones music tracks for instant calm and deep, soothing rest

4 x gorgeously designed guidebooks to navigate each stage of transition

4 x 10min guided meditones tracks for clarity, support and presence plus a bonus mini meditation for quick reflief

Pretty printables so you can create your own healing ceremonies

That’s over 1.5 hours of meditones music worth $200 alone!



  • Spotify Playlists as encouraging soundtracks to each stage of your own Gentle Transition
  • Inspirational wallpapers for your laptop, iPad and phone so you have a gentle reminder everywhere you go
  • Lifetime access to all of the materials

And you’ll get the most valuable thing of all – the resilience to gracefully navigate any transition that comes up in your life.

Tahlee Meditating

Here is what people are already saying…

“I came across the Gentle Transition when I was going through big shifts in pretty much all areas of my life and I can honestly say, it’s a life saver.

Tahlee’s meditones have such a soothing and calming effect on my mind and body that I now made them a part of my daily life.

It helps me to lovingly process all the surfacing emotions and transit into the space I need to be in.”

~ Karolina Dobrovska

“Thank you for making this!!! It is incredible!!!!

I have gained a lot of clarity about myself and where it is I want to head. I have been able to see my vision more clearly.

If you’re thinking about joining The Gentle Transition, go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

~ Kara Webber

Personally, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and many MANY years on coaching, therapy and self help programs to get where I am today. It was worth every penny. And it would be easy to distill the wisdom and guidance I’ve learned over the years into a course worth thousands of dollars.

But my bet is, that if you’re in transition right now – you have limited energy for some huge program that will take months and costs a fortune. You want to feel better now!

That’s why The Gentle Transition is instant access, short and sweet, but profound and powerful. Instead of drip feeding you content over weeks or months – you get all the information you need straight away. Instead of adhering to some arbitrary schedule, you can start implementing immediately and start feeling better at once.

I know that in my hour of need? I would have wanted something accessible and affordable.

That’s why The Gentle Transition is only $297 $197.

Full Price

Monthly Payment Plan

Your Peace of Mind Guarantee

This program is 100% risk free.

I have poured my soul into this work and I am totally confident that you will feel supported and nourished by its content. That’s why I’m offering a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you buy the course and you aren’t satisfied – I will give you your money back. Zero questions asked.

In the years that I’ve been offering meditones products – I’ve only ever had to refund one person. One. Out of thousands of joyful customers.

So whilst I’m positive you won’t need to use this guarantee, I’m offering it so you have total peace of mind when investing in The Gentle Transition.

Frequently asked questions

What are meditones?

Meditones* directly stimulate relaxed brainwaves with headphones. They are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Meditones are the most powerful transformative tool I’ve ever used and are perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

* Please note they are unsuitable for people suffering from epilepsy.

Why isn’t there a Facebook group?

It’s true that no-one is an island. You’ll definitely need support for when chaos ensues and in The Gentle Transition, you’ll identify your own personal allies for the tough times. This is far more valuable than one single Facebook group.

I’m not in transition right now. Is this still for me?

You don’t have to wait for everything to fall apart to manage change better. The system I teach in The Gentle Transition will prepare you for all kinds of transitions and give you resilience for when you need it.

Do I get everything at once?

Yes! All the content will be available for you to download instantly. This means you can work through the course in your own time. You get to set your own pace (and even go through modules multiple times) instead of being told how your transition should unfold.

How will I receive the materials?

As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email that contains a link that will allow you to access the VIP area. Here you can access and download all the materials whenever you’re ready for them.

I don’t have the headspace for anything new!

During transition, the last thing you need is another thing “to do”. That’s why all the elements of The Gentle Transition are designed to support you, rather than overwhelm you. (Otherwise, how counteractive would that be?!) Most activities only require you to lie down and put on your headphones.

How long will it take to go through the whole course?

Each module will only take about an hour to review the guidebooks, listen to the meditations and complete any worksheets. You may want to spend a few days, weeks, or even a few months on one module until you’re ready to take the next step. Trust your intuition and be gentle with yourself.

Can I do The Gentle Transition multiple times?

Absolutely! Once you’ve gone through the entire course step by step, you might revisit a module or two as different transitions come up. Or you may want to go through the whole thing again. All elements of The Gentle Transition are able to be used over and over again.


The Gentle Transition is a shortcut out of suffering. You don’t have to go through all the heartbreak I went through to figure it out. This is the cartography of change on your terms.


REMEMBER – we’re taught that change is a constant but we’re never taught how to actually flourish during it. Change causes sleepless nights and self doubt. It creates panic and pain. Fear of the future and feeling alone hinders progress and prevents you from pursuing your dreams.

But once you have a map that manoeuvres you through unchartered territory, you won’t have to be frightened of the flux any longer.

I can’t wait to guide you through this process and help you start navigating change with more ease and grace.

Big love,


PS - The Gentle Transition is a simple yet profound step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to stop feeling overwhelmed and adrift in a sea of change and start living with a sense a calm, clarity and ease. Plus it’s 100% risk free and you get instant access to all materials right away.  How would it feel to not have to worry about change again? It’s possible - so click 'I'm ready' to join me now!



The gentle transition

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