You’re a wellness entrepreneur



  • Instant stress relief
  • Blissful, refreshing slumber
  • Powerful personal growth
  • Energy and resilience
  • Inspired creativity
  • Clarity and focus
  • Recovery from addictive patterns

Grabbing your laptop to work at the beach. Getting misty eyed at your clients’ heartfelt thanks. Following your passions and your purpose.

When creativity collides with being of service? You feel on top of the world. And the world (by the way) benefits greatly.

Coaching, e-books, online courses?

Been there, done that.

You’re looking for something that will take your clients wellbeing (and your business) to the next level.

You already know the power of meditation. You use it and recommend it all.the.time.

So why not combine the innovation of meditones with your transformational services for dramatic impact?

Meditones are a powerful catalyst for personal development. They directly stimulate relaxed neural activity to create subconscious healing and lasting change. All with a pair of headphones.



The science of meditonesTHE science.

Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Science boffins call them ‘binaural beats’.

But all you need to remember is that they make meditating quick and easy.

Meditones are a scientific phenomenon with decades of research to back it up, plus I’ve personally collected feedback from ecstatic clients over the years. Check out the shop to read their reviews.


You want something that reflects the essence of your business. The soul of YOU. You know exactly how you want your client to feel when they listen to your meditation track.

You’re in luck.

I’ve been given a gift of translating emotions into sonic frequencies.

Every sound, every note is lovingly crafted, composed and produced by me, to give your clients a blissful representation of your heart. Your unique blessing of peace for them – in musical form.


You may have used royalty free music in the past but now it’s time to up the ante to create something highly aligned with your brand.

Having bespoke personalised meditation music establishes you as a professional expert and differentiates you from the pack.

Whether it’s leading your clients to greater peace with your guided meditation, or giving them a uniquely transformational experience with the power of meditones – you can serve your clients in a totally original way.


Personalised music adds value at any level. For budding entrepreneurs who are building trust with clients who are new to meditation; or for established entrepreneurs who are ready to add a unique offering to their services and accelerate their client’s results.

You could offer your meditation as a free opt-in gift to increase your subscribers; as a track or album in your online shop; as a bonus to your coaching clients; or as part of an e-course.


Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a health / life / mindset coach; or a spiritual mentor – you care about your clients. And you pride yourself on being authentic & innovative. Me too.

The music I create is 100% original and designed specifically to soothe and transform. I work closely with you to create your ideal composition.

This is a conscious collaboration.

Interested in collaborating? Sign up to this exclusive list and receive a free meditones track & a Sound Advice ebook to understand how to begin your own meditation track.



Having the additional meditation to bundle with my eBook has given it a little something extra for my clients to bring meditation into their lives as they learn to create inner peace from overthinking and mind fullness.

The feedback has been exceptional and lots of people have found it really helpful.

If you want to create a track that is high quality, unique, and really special, then you need to work with Tahlee.

Katherine Mackenzie Smith

Jo Klima

I was planning a new weekly art practice for people who wanted to tap into their artistic and intuitive self. The track Tahlee created was everything that I wanted it to be and still takes me on a powerful journey that always leads to expressing my truth in art and life.

I had experienced the transformative effect Tahlee’s music has with the Spectrum album and I knew that collaborating with her was the perfect way to get participants to meditate, relax, and inspire their creative potential.

Jo Klima – The Darling Tree

Helen Jacobs

Tahlee is a musical genius who combines her passion for music with an understanding of how music can evoke real personal change.

Tahlee helped me bring to life my meditations which have helped hundreds of people around the world.

I’ve worked with Tahlee several times over the past year and each time is a delight – easy, intuitive, fast and fun. I cannot recommend working with Tahlee enough and am itching to get back into her studio again.

Helen Jacobs – The Little Sage

susana frioni

Tahlee is a genius!

There’s no one else I’d rather work with when it comes to creating personalised music.

She’s attentive, supportive and always willing to try new things with me – and I love that a lot!

Susana Frioni –

Dana Machacek

I love being able to offer my clients a meditation track that can really serve them and can help them experience a positive shift in their energy.

Even more than that: I loved that I only had to channel the words for the meditation and leave the rest of the process up to Tahlee.

Why would I want to struggle to create something when I could have a genius do all of it on my behalf?

Dana Machacek – Zona Pellucida